Friday, 30 August 2013

sewing and knitting, spinning, sewing and knitting

Well I got the shirt cut out, and have started sewing it together.  I have two sleeves made now.  I will wash it gently when it's completed and hope for the best.  I was worried about washing it before sewing because of how loosely woven the fabric is.  Try as I might, I just couldn't get the weave to tighten up.

So fingers crossed.

While I was weaving, and waiting for starch to dry, I was also knitting.  I got another pair of stockings made for Pierre and a pair of mitts made for me.  The mitts are not my best work, done in a bit of a hurry and with not enough yarn.  I ended up going up to the yarn shop yesterday and spending far too much on a bit of fleece to spin some more.  The spin was also in a bit of a rush and on a drop spindle, so my tension isn't the greatest, but I got enough spun up to finish the thumb.  Pierre couldn't tell the difference between the two mits...
The second is a bit shorter than the first, and I knit the thumb better in the second than on the first, so despite the badly spun bit, I am happier with the second mitt than the first.

But I'll have warm arms this weekend.

Today we head out to the 18thC for our last encampment of the season.  The summer seems to fly by so quickly.  And we didn't get out much this summer, with family plans and Pierre being under the weather.  Slowly though, we are getting our kit the way we want it and things are going a bit more smoothly.  Fine tuning now.

I'm not going to be taking on any more new people, sponsoring them into the hobby, right now.  Rave has left for school, but is good to go.  Laura and Garth are almost there,  Catherine is well on her way too, Artemis is the next to get geared up and ready.  Then I think I will take a break and just be for a while.  It's a lot of work to get people geared up to play authentically, and I am also teaching, writing a thesis and hosting workshops this fall/winter.  My brain is tired thinking about it!

Well, I should go pack the kitchen...

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