Monday, 12 August 2013

ARGHHHH! I will not set fire to my loom. I will not set fire to my loom. I will not...

The warp is now fully threaded and tied on to the loom.  I had hoped to start weaving today, but that is not to be the case.  I opened the shed to throw my first shuttle across and the shed would not open.  I teased the shed open and gently eased the shuttle across.  I brought the reed forward and attempted to open the shed again.  Nope.  would not move.  So I teased it open again and gently pushed the shuttle through the second time.  Oh, this is going to be tedious, isn't it.

Then I attempted to bring the reed forward again, nope, not moving.

Bunches of threads loosened up and I retied a bunch, then attempted again.  Nope.

Argh.  F@#K!

I emptied a half a can of spray starch on the bitch and informed my family that I was on my way home.

I am home now and will spend the afternoon knitting.  Because I can handle one thread at a time right now.  Three hundred threads, nope.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to start weaving.

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