Tuesday, 24 June 2014

studio time, thesis writing...

Did a MAJOR edit of the paper so far, reworked a bunch of stuff, took out a bunch more...sent it off to Randi and she's happier with the thing, now to get rid of this nasty bug so I can go and meet with her again.

I picked up the keys to my summer studio yesterday.  I have a window space overlooking the historic properties.  Almost in the same spot where I did my own Advanced Fashion class in undergrad.  My studio mates are good people.  There will be four of us for the summer.
I have been thinking good thinky thoughts about the collection, ordered new fabric swatches and rethought the fabrics for the outfit I was working on at the end of last term that I hated the fabrics for.  The new pieces are all 100% natural fibres, wool for the skirt, wool for the jacket.  I am going to be much happier with the collection from here on out.

This afternoon though, I am going to sit and embroider.  I have a bit more time now, I have pulled my request to graduate in the Fall, opting to instead go in the winter convocation.

That's it from me...

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

not the greatest timing...

so like the day after my last post I came down with some kind of nasty bug...so nasty that by the end of last week, I wasn't getting out of bed nasty.  This is not something that I do.  I'll stay home and work, but I tend not to go to bed when I'm sick.  I slept most of the end of last week away.  I started antibiotics on Thursday, finishing them on Monday and am just starting to come around today.  This morning I was awake shortly after 7am, and up and dressed by 9am.  Now I am sitting at the computer arguing with my bitch printer, trying to get some notes printed off so I might be able to work later today.

On the thesis front, I have researched guidelines.  I have been a bit worried about how this thing is supposed to go together.  How many pages it's supposed to be.  What am I supposed to actually write about.  McGill University wants a MA thesis to be no more than 100 pages.  Ok, I can do that.  I am at the 50 page range right now.  I think I need to write about how Westwood's design aesthetic has influenced mainstream fashion and creative trends.  I have written about how 1970s Punk fit into the subculture dynamic, I think I have to now contrast that dynamic with regards to how mainstream Punk has become.  Dr. Randi has been pulling me through this, but I am feeling like I am suffering from a huge case of the Dumb!  I have given myself a tight deadline for that very reason...I know that if I let this go, I would just continue to have the Dumb until someone put their foot down, or they gave up on me and I disappeared into the woodwork without an MA.

Well, I'm going to give it a shot today...having a brain that is...

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Reading, editing, reading some more

Work continues on the thesis paper.  A lot of editing, and when I cannot sit at the computer any longer, and find I am playing far too much bejewelled, I go and read.  I'm actually getting a lot of reading done.  The next step will be to tidy up the section on the Bromley Contingent and then talk about the fashion...thank God for that, I am so looking forward to talking about clothing and to stop reading about clandestine sexual encounters and drug use.  There has been far too much written about those aspects of Punk...most likely because it is sensational.

It was the 1970s folks, before the AIDs epidemic.  Everyone was having sex, with as many people as they could...yeah, yeah, I get the picture.  I don't care.  And the more I read on the topic, the lessening of my respect for people in general.

This afternoon, I will be sewing with the ladies.  Until then, more reading....