Tuesday, 29 October 2013

reading, lots of reading

I wish for a lot of things come late October when I'm in school...

This year, it's why I didn't take a class from David Howard earlier in my degree, so I wouldn't have to be taking this class, right now.  Mostly because there is so much reading to do and I'm really tired.  It will all work out in the end though, because I will have most of the chapter on the politics of Punk written by the end of this term.

It may kill me though...

Well, off to do some more reading.  I have my chapter proposal to resubmit tomorrow, and I am directing the readings on Cixous in class tomorrow, so I have a bit of reading to finish and then some writing to do this afternoon.

This is a busy week, I am looking forward to sunday.

Friday, 25 October 2013

writing and thinking...

The wedding outfit is gone, Krista was very happy with it, that makes me happy.  This weekend, I will be spending at the computer, hopefully getting some writing done.  My ideal weekend would be sitting here, or in the easy chair beside me reading and writing, with food and coffee or drinks magically appearing when needed.

Yeah, right!

I still have family commitments to attend to, like the grandkids coming tonight for a sleep-over, meals to make, the wedding to go to tomorrow, and kitchen stuff to pick up from one friend and delivering to another friend on Sunday.  Yup, I am a little busy.

But it's a good busy.  And I will get reading and writing done, and thoughts of my collection hammered out.  I have the first outfit planned out in my head.  I may have to put it down on paper this weekend, so that I can get on with the second outfit.  I'd like to have 6 when I am completely finished.  I am also planning a new semi formal dress for the Christmas party and the kids wedding in the Spring, same dress, different accessories.

Fashion is so exciting to me, fashion of any era...I am hoping that I can continue in the Fashion department at NSCAD for a while yet, to keep this inspiration going...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

sewing and reading...

I am finishing up the last of the wedding outfit, hand stitching the lining into the bodice.  This is happening in between feminist philosophy readings for this week.  I will be happy when this term is finished.  I am tired and need a week off.
One of my students said the same thing last week, that she wished there was a reading week in the Fall term too.  This weekend I will get back on track and get caught up again, I am sure. All that is left on the sewing plate is a couple of tunics for Nic, which I will rough out on Thursday.  I would also like to rough out Lugg's Norse coat and get that ready for decoration and competition for Herne at the end of November...we'll see if that happens.  And I need a new frock for the Christmas party December 5th.

Yes, even when I don't want to sew, I seem to have a lot of sewing to do.

And reading...must go do some of that...

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

sewing projects on the horizon

I have a few projects that need to be tidied up, first off a wedding ensemble that is steampunk inspired for the 26th and then a couple of early Celtic tunics for a blacksmith friend who made Pierre a boarding axe for the 18thC.
Then I am done sewing for people for a while as I really have to concentrate on my thesis project.  You see, along with the proper thesis project, the written document, I am also creating a fashion collection based on my research.  I began the first steps on Saturday morning, sourcing materials and talking to contractors.  My thoughts are shifting slightly but I still feel on track.  I will need to go to Montreal to source my fabrics as I can't get what I want here...possibly even Toronto, though I'd rather Montreal.

No, I will not be creating any pieces for anyone else.  Not this time around.  The collection is for me, by me, with only my own input...with guidance from my thesis advisor and Gary from the Fashion department at NSCAD.  I need to keep a tight reign on this one, with no outside input, even from models who may have the best intentions, but who may not like what I make.  It is Punk after all.

So, my Pinterest page is growing. Every time I go on there, I add more inspiration pics.  I will be developing the design sketches after HALcon and my other sewing projects are finished up.  Then I will be focusing totally on Punk.

I am hoping to Graduate in the Fall 2014, possibly sooner, so I have to buckle down.

Friday, 11 October 2013

again with the proposal...

Today I sat down at the computer determined to get a document together that I would be happy submitting to the department.  Success!  I began with the abstract I wrote for Dr Randi, with a side step to look at what Harvard wants in a thesis proposal document for Humanities.  That my friends is a helpful website


Down at the bottom of the page are sample proposal papers, but also a sort of fill in the blanks, blank document.  Super easy to follow.

So I filled out the original abstract with the addition of the politics and art I want to discuss, came up with a working title that I am happy with and filled in the rest of the blanks with things like my methodology, definition of some terms, table of contents, timeline and then the massive bibliography that I have been working with and adding to.  At 1.5 line spacing it's an eleven page document.  When I am ready to submit, I'll bump the line spacing to the full 2 pts.  I have sent it off to Dr Randi for editing.  Then when I've done those edits, I will send it off to Dr Jayne, my second reader (hopefully), and then off to the department for "the Meeting".

I am happy and excited again.

Monday, 7 October 2013

thesis proposal, round two

Found out late friday that my proposal isn't what the department is looking for, should be more social sciences based, not arts based...ugh, I am an arts student.

This morning I am sitting down with my advisor, Dr Warne and we are going to hash out a happy medium.  I have no test subjects, unless you think that clothing has somehow reached sentient status...I have printed off what History departments at leading universities want in their proposals, and hopefully we can find something to work with that might meet some of the requirements for the department...

It sucks being in a department that really should be something else...not enveloped into the Criminology department.

If I can pass on one word of advice to anyone looking at grad schools, ask lots of questions before you apply, is it the program they really preach it to be, or will it turn out to be an ugly stepsister you don't really want to be related to...

Friday, 4 October 2013


I finally have a title for my thesis.  This morning I plowed through the thesis statement for my Modernist Postmodernist debates paper that is due with a bib on wednesday morning.  Yesterday it came to me, why not Seditionaries, it explains a lot of what the whole project will be about.

I am happy to have finally gotten this little assignment done, and the thesis proposal finished and turned in.  Now I am waiting on Saint Mary's to get back to me with the next steps.  I am also thinking collection and will be ready to start the sketches for that soon too.  Something that David Howard said a couple of weeks ago in class got me thinking.  "How can we be Post-Colonial if we are still a Colony?"  So true, and will be the basis of one of my outfits in the collection.  In true Westwood style, I'll be off seeing what flags I can procure.

Anyway, I am feeling back on track again, and much better than my sorry ass felt last night.  It's amazing what a good night's sleep and a productive morning writing can do.