Tuesday, 22 October 2013

sewing and reading...

I am finishing up the last of the wedding outfit, hand stitching the lining into the bodice.  This is happening in between feminist philosophy readings for this week.  I will be happy when this term is finished.  I am tired and need a week off.
One of my students said the same thing last week, that she wished there was a reading week in the Fall term too.  This weekend I will get back on track and get caught up again, I am sure. All that is left on the sewing plate is a couple of tunics for Nic, which I will rough out on Thursday.  I would also like to rough out Lugg's Norse coat and get that ready for decoration and competition for Herne at the end of November...we'll see if that happens.  And I need a new frock for the Christmas party December 5th.

Yes, even when I don't want to sew, I seem to have a lot of sewing to do.

And reading...must go do some of that...

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