Friday, 11 October 2013

again with the proposal...

Today I sat down at the computer determined to get a document together that I would be happy submitting to the department.  Success!  I began with the abstract I wrote for Dr Randi, with a side step to look at what Harvard wants in a thesis proposal document for Humanities.  That my friends is a helpful website

Down at the bottom of the page are sample proposal papers, but also a sort of fill in the blanks, blank document.  Super easy to follow.

So I filled out the original abstract with the addition of the politics and art I want to discuss, came up with a working title that I am happy with and filled in the rest of the blanks with things like my methodology, definition of some terms, table of contents, timeline and then the massive bibliography that I have been working with and adding to.  At 1.5 line spacing it's an eleven page document.  When I am ready to submit, I'll bump the line spacing to the full 2 pts.  I have sent it off to Dr Randi for editing.  Then when I've done those edits, I will send it off to Dr Jayne, my second reader (hopefully), and then off to the department for "the Meeting".

I am happy and excited again.

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