Thursday, 7 August 2014

been a while...

So, it's been a while.  Since the major rewrite of the document, I have been continuing with writing, but also spent some time in the studio this summer.  I got another outfit completed and one almost finished.  I am waiting on embroidery to come back from whence I sent it to be done.  That will become another jacket and I will have finished two outfits this summer.

I spent two weeks in the 18thC doing living history.  While at Louisbourg, I spent two days learning how to do bobbin lace.  I think I have enough of a knack for it that with youtube and some time, I should have this new skill firmly under my belt.  Then I hope to teach it to others.  We are still in pursuit of paring down the excess kit that we take along to events.  Louisbourg was good.  I think we're almost free of extra cast iron, the dreaded fish box it was housed in and all the extra stuff that doesn't seem to have a home when we are encamped.  We are still dealing with food.

Last night I moved back out of the studio for the remainder of the summer.  I need to buckle down on getting the document written, but also can't afford to be wasting valuable tuition money waiting on fabrics, some of which also cost money.  The kids wedding maxed out the credit, so I am feeling the pinch.
Today I spent sitting at the computer.  I tidied the den. Printed off the stuff I need to work on.  Put books away for easy access, found a library book that is due today. But mostly spent the day playing bejewelled and thinking.  I expect tomorrow will be productive.  I think I need to read through the printed material a bit more, weed out some stuff that I hand copied, then I'll be ready for another major edit.  Once that is complete, I expect the final push will be easier.

Once I get back into the studio in the Fall, I will have three more outfits to finish. And an exhibit to plan for in the Spring.  I am so close...