Monday, 8 August 2016

weaving, an exercise in frustration

Well, I've finally woven about an inch of cloth.  I am completely not happy with the result.  When I last posted, I was threading the reed at 3 ends per dent.  It was causing me to have a very holy cloth, but also not packing in tight enough.  The ladies at Colonial Williamsburg mentioned that I should be packing in the reed a bit tighter than expected, and so this morning I rethreaded the reed to 7 ends per dent.

Now I am definitely getting a warp faced fabric, still with holes in it, as the reed is keeping small spaces in the warp.  I'm also not getting a good enough pack to the weft threads, and my selvages don't pack at all, which is making me very cranky.

I think I may need a finer reed.  I will ask if I can borrow one from school...if so, I might be weaving again by Friday, if I'm lucky.

At least the shed is opening this go around!