Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Plugging away

I have been writing a bit, working through subculture theory.  Ill have to spend quite a bit of time writing this weekend to have something to hand in next week to Dr Randi.  I haven't heard back from Dr Jayne yet, I'm hoping that's a good sign that she likes my proposal.  I hate to nag.

In collection news, I've been working on refining design sketches.  Last night I went out and bought a lot of the fabrics I'll be using, today it will be organization, laundering the needed fabrics and possibly starting the knitting on the first outfit.  I'm going to do some swatch tests for sure, and maybe work out the neckline of the sweater.  I won't be following a pattern for the sweater, rather working it out on my own...we'll see how that goes.

In weaving news, I have a loom waiting for me to pick up.  It is a Colonial box loom.  I'm excited!  The lady selling it to me was one of my visitors this summer who sat and chatted with me for a while.  No, I have no idea where we'll put it...we'll cross that bridge when we get it home.  It may have to live in the lock-up for a while, but I'll have a loom.

Anyway, today I am knitting and laundry...