Thursday, 8 May 2014

18thC day at the shoe box

It has been decided that every second Thursday we will be stitching at the shoe box.  This is mostly for 18thC costume friends as our summers tend to get busy with eventing and we are in ramp up mode now for the upcoming season and have projects we want to get done.  It's good for Mum and I because we can dedicate a day to work on the projects we want for the hobby and away from school projects which can take over all our brain space.

Right now, we are both working on wool bedgowns.  They are also both almost done, so we may be able to cross things off the list by the end of day.  Exciting!  We are also both almost at the topping out phase of our wardrobes.  I have some tweaking to do on mine, mostly little things, like a working apron.  Mum's needs a bit more work, mostly in finishing a couple of gowns and reworking an old gown into a petticoat, also, I need to shorten a jacket for her.  I have some work to do.

In other news....
The first chunk of the thesis was turned in yesterday.  I have some reading and writing to do this week, mostly on theoretical stuff.  I have to organize the den a bit this weekend so I can find stuff again.  I think I need to send stuff to the storage locker too...gah, the thought of that...
My collection is on hold for a month or two.  Things at NSCAD are in flux at the moment and it's not working out for my schedule right at the moment.  I have made a list of what needs to be finished though, and will get back to it once things clear up a bit.  Perhaps in July, once we get back home from Louisbourg.

Well, I have housewifey things to do before the ladies arrive...make it a great day!