Friday, 4 October 2013


I finally have a title for my thesis.  This morning I plowed through the thesis statement for my Modernist Postmodernist debates paper that is due with a bib on wednesday morning.  Yesterday it came to me, why not Seditionaries, it explains a lot of what the whole project will be about.

I am happy to have finally gotten this little assignment done, and the thesis proposal finished and turned in.  Now I am waiting on Saint Mary's to get back to me with the next steps.  I am also thinking collection and will be ready to start the sketches for that soon too.  Something that David Howard said a couple of weeks ago in class got me thinking.  "How can we be Post-Colonial if we are still a Colony?"  So true, and will be the basis of one of my outfits in the collection.  In true Westwood style, I'll be off seeing what flags I can procure.

Anyway, I am feeling back on track again, and much better than my sorry ass felt last night.  It's amazing what a good night's sleep and a productive morning writing can do.

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