Saturday, 28 September 2013

small conference, my ass!

Wow, my mind was completely blown yesterday.  I sat enthralled, listening to speaker after speaker talk about the fashion industry, sustainability, growing fibres and producing them and the dyestuffs locally, and then how we as producers need to knock off the Wall St commodity brokers from the fashion food chain and set our own prices that reflect a living wage for everyone involved.  Only then will we get people to change their consumption behaviours.

So exciting!

There are people growing flax here in the maritimes, want more of us to grow it.  There are people growing woad and indego and want more of us to grow those plants too.

There were people from California, Michigan, Indiana, Toronto, Newfoundland, the Maritimes, England and Germany there yesterday...there could have been more in the audience, I don't know.  The general consensus was that we can bring back the clothing industry to North America if we want to.   The tide is rising against Walmart's Low, Low prices.  It may not happen in my career, but I can see it happening in my lifetime, and I will do my best to help it along.


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