Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Feeling overwhelmed and excited

I am slowly getting into the swing of things, school wise.  I have to keep reminding myself that all this reading that I am doing will make sense, and try not to get hung up on the minutae.  Just keep plugging along according to schedule.

Not sure if I mentioned it here, but I will be designing and creating a fashion collection along with writing the thesis.  This makes me extremely happy, because my creative brain will have an outlet that will have a purpose long term.  This academic MA will have a Fine Art component.

My own teaching is going along well.  We are covering a lot of material, but I hope to be able to send my students off on a good footing so that Intermediate and Advanced Fashion will allow them to really shine creatively.  This week we'll also be doing a bit of review, so hopefully I will catch and straglers.

The 18thC reenacting season is over now and I have begun teaching the winter workshops, which reminds me, I have to book the October workshop.  We'd like to be going to SCA events, but with Pierre's work schedule, this may prove a little difficult.  Playing it by ear this Fall.  Oh well.

In thesis world, I need to get a grip on my proposal and get that taken care of before I can begin writing the paper.  That along with the proposal for Modernist/Postmodernist Debates are due next week.  Brain work!  UGH!

Anyway, that's it from me, and that's all from him, as the Two Ronnies used to sign off...have a great day.

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