Thursday, 26 September 2013

Conference on Linen tomorrow

Things have been busy at the Textile/Fashion department this week at NSCAD.  Tomorrow there will be a small conference on Linen Production in Nova Scotia called Sow to SEW.  Saturday there will be a working Group meeting to discuss how this idea can be pushed further.  I am so excited about this as it may lead to us being able to buy good quality textiles that are made here...which means that we may also be able to get good historical textiles into production again...

One can hope.

I plan on being there for the whole day tomorrow.  Yes, I am bringing my shirt.  It's not the beautiful textile that Robin Muller produced for the project, but I'm going to bring it anyway.  It was a learning project, and I think it has value as that.

In thesis world, I am working on my proposal at the moment.  I wrote a good intoduction this morning, just out in long hand.  It needs some editing, but it's a tight start to a nebulous and discursive year I've had.  I am finally feeling like I am on the path.

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