Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The day before my show opens

I finished the shirt last night at 830pm, went downstairs and put it and the apron I finished over the weekend into the wash on delicate.  And then came upstairs to wait...

After an hour, I went down again to see if I still had a shirt and apron, or just a pile of string in the bottom of the wash.  I kinda think I know how a potter feels now, when they put a pot in the kiln.  Will it come out in one piece, as planned, or will I end up with something different?

I am happy to say that both the shirt and apron came out beautifully.  They tightened up a bit, but not so much that they are too small.  They turned out perfectly.

Now, I have to go and refinish a chair, dig out a dish pan and my tea towels and cloths and this afternoon install my piece of the group show.  I am a nervous wreck.

The encampment last weekend went well, with very few hiccups.  Our standards officer gave us a 98% for the weekend, picking up on the very same things that I want to fix, so there's the challenge...getting those two items fixed.  The first is making a canvas cover for the big blue water jug and the second is better garbage collection.  Though the latter of was not an issue for the officer, just for me.
I am happy with our progress.

Well, back to work for me.  I will post pictures.

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