Friday, 13 September 2013

Skool, it's where learning happens, but not the only place.

Well, I'm sorry that I haven't been posting, but school started last week, and I've had to hit the ground running.  Not much time to goof off and write blog posts ;-)

I am starting my thesis this term, met with Dr Randi monday and have homework to do this weekend.  I have been working on it already, but my butt needs to be in this chair and not knitting in the living room this weekend.  I have to compile a bibliography, write an abstract and make a map of the paper, including sub-topics that I want to discuss and number of pages and a timeline. 

Tomorrow I am also running a workshop for the 18thC group.

Wednesdays I teach fashion construction in the morning, which I have to get really geared up for, pulling handouts and such together.
Wednesday afternoons I am taking Modernist and Postmodernist Debates.  Some good shit to read there, and hopefully some good discussions in class.  I already have a pile of books beside me to read for my research paper that will hopefully be rolled into the thesis.  The situationist International, an art and philosophical movement that inspired McLaren and Westwood.  We watched  The Society of the Spectacle last night, yup, I am barking up the right tree!  A question that popped into my mind concerning today's fixation on gender, is are we now comodifying gender, looking for the perfect woman, perfect man to the exclusion of all the genders in between?

Yeah, my brain sometimes goes there...I have a notebook...last week I was thinking about how Freud has really screwed with our ideas of gender, and how women really need to be very young and child-like, lest they appear too matronly in Freud's eyes, because what man really wants to be labled as having a mother I said, my brain...sorry

Anyway, I am sitting here, so I best do some work.  Make it a good day all, even if it's pouring tropical depressions out there.

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