Monday, 7 October 2013

thesis proposal, round two

Found out late friday that my proposal isn't what the department is looking for, should be more social sciences based, not arts based...ugh, I am an arts student.

This morning I am sitting down with my advisor, Dr Warne and we are going to hash out a happy medium.  I have no test subjects, unless you think that clothing has somehow reached sentient status...I have printed off what History departments at leading universities want in their proposals, and hopefully we can find something to work with that might meet some of the requirements for the department...

It sucks being in a department that really should be something else...not enveloped into the Criminology department.

If I can pass on one word of advice to anyone looking at grad schools, ask lots of questions before you apply, is it the program they really preach it to be, or will it turn out to be an ugly stepsister you don't really want to be related to...

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