Tuesday, 15 October 2013

sewing projects on the horizon

I have a few projects that need to be tidied up, first off a wedding ensemble that is steampunk inspired for the 26th and then a couple of early Celtic tunics for a blacksmith friend who made Pierre a boarding axe for the 18thC.
Then I am done sewing for people for a while as I really have to concentrate on my thesis project.  You see, along with the proper thesis project, the written document, I am also creating a fashion collection based on my research.  I began the first steps on Saturday morning, sourcing materials and talking to contractors.  My thoughts are shifting slightly but I still feel on track.  I will need to go to Montreal to source my fabrics as I can't get what I want here...possibly even Toronto, though I'd rather Montreal.

No, I will not be creating any pieces for anyone else.  Not this time around.  The collection is for me, by me, with only my own input...with guidance from my thesis advisor and Gary from the Fashion department at NSCAD.  I need to keep a tight reign on this one, with no outside input, even from models who may have the best intentions, but who may not like what I make.  It is Punk after all.

So, my Pinterest page is growing. Every time I go on there, I add more inspiration pics.  I will be developing the design sketches after HALcon and my other sewing projects are finished up.  Then I will be focusing totally on Punk.

I am hoping to Graduate in the Fall 2014, possibly sooner, so I have to buckle down.

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