Friday, 25 October 2013

writing and thinking...

The wedding outfit is gone, Krista was very happy with it, that makes me happy.  This weekend, I will be spending at the computer, hopefully getting some writing done.  My ideal weekend would be sitting here, or in the easy chair beside me reading and writing, with food and coffee or drinks magically appearing when needed.

Yeah, right!

I still have family commitments to attend to, like the grandkids coming tonight for a sleep-over, meals to make, the wedding to go to tomorrow, and kitchen stuff to pick up from one friend and delivering to another friend on Sunday.  Yup, I am a little busy.

But it's a good busy.  And I will get reading and writing done, and thoughts of my collection hammered out.  I have the first outfit planned out in my head.  I may have to put it down on paper this weekend, so that I can get on with the second outfit.  I'd like to have 6 when I am completely finished.  I am also planning a new semi formal dress for the Christmas party and the kids wedding in the Spring, same dress, different accessories.

Fashion is so exciting to me, fashion of any era...I am hoping that I can continue in the Fashion department at NSCAD for a while yet, to keep this inspiration going...

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