Thursday, 5 June 2014

Reading, editing, reading some more

Work continues on the thesis paper.  A lot of editing, and when I cannot sit at the computer any longer, and find I am playing far too much bejewelled, I go and read.  I'm actually getting a lot of reading done.  The next step will be to tidy up the section on the Bromley Contingent and then talk about the fashion...thank God for that, I am so looking forward to talking about clothing and to stop reading about clandestine sexual encounters and drug use.  There has been far too much written about those aspects of Punk...most likely because it is sensational.

It was the 1970s folks, before the AIDs epidemic.  Everyone was having sex, with as many people as they could...yeah, yeah, I get the picture.  I don't care.  And the more I read on the topic, the lessening of my respect for people in general.

This afternoon, I will be sewing with the ladies.  Until then, more reading....

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