Wednesday, 18 June 2014

not the greatest timing...

so like the day after my last post I came down with some kind of nasty nasty that by the end of last week, I wasn't getting out of bed nasty.  This is not something that I do.  I'll stay home and work, but I tend not to go to bed when I'm sick.  I slept most of the end of last week away.  I started antibiotics on Thursday, finishing them on Monday and am just starting to come around today.  This morning I was awake shortly after 7am, and up and dressed by 9am.  Now I am sitting at the computer arguing with my bitch printer, trying to get some notes printed off so I might be able to work later today.

On the thesis front, I have researched guidelines.  I have been a bit worried about how this thing is supposed to go together.  How many pages it's supposed to be.  What am I supposed to actually write about.  McGill University wants a MA thesis to be no more than 100 pages.  Ok, I can do that.  I am at the 50 page range right now.  I think I need to write about how Westwood's design aesthetic has influenced mainstream fashion and creative trends.  I have written about how 1970s Punk fit into the subculture dynamic, I think I have to now contrast that dynamic with regards to how mainstream Punk has become.  Dr. Randi has been pulling me through this, but I am feeling like I am suffering from a huge case of the Dumb!  I have given myself a tight deadline for that very reason...I know that if I let this go, I would just continue to have the Dumb until someone put their foot down, or they gave up on me and I disappeared into the woodwork without an MA.

Well, I'm going to give it a shot today...having a brain that is...

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