Tuesday, 24 June 2014

studio time, thesis writing...

Did a MAJOR edit of the paper so far, reworked a bunch of stuff, took out a bunch more...sent it off to Randi and she's happier with the thing, now to get rid of this nasty bug so I can go and meet with her again.

I picked up the keys to my summer studio yesterday.  I have a window space overlooking the historic properties.  Almost in the same spot where I did my own Advanced Fashion class in undergrad.  My studio mates are good people.  There will be four of us for the summer.
I have been thinking good thinky thoughts about the collection, ordered new fabric swatches and rethought the fabrics for the outfit I was working on at the end of last term that I hated the fabrics for.  The new pieces are all 100% natural fibres, wool for the skirt, wool for the jacket.  I am going to be much happier with the collection from here on out.

This afternoon though, I am going to sit and embroider.  I have a bit more time now, I have pulled my request to graduate in the Fall, opting to instead go in the winter convocation.

That's it from me...

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