Saturday, 17 August 2013

finally weaving...

Well, last week I wound the warp on to the front beam and then tied it to the back and wound it on the back beam.  Everyone who had heard what happened were heartbroken, especially those who have helped me all summer.  Garth wondered how we were going to get it on the back beam again.  He was surprized at how quickly it went.

Yesterday, once a migraine cleared, I set out to weave.  And weave I did!  It takes some work to get the shed open enough to throw the shuttle, but I am getting the hang of it.  Foot peddle, the by hand, seperate the shed, hold the harnesses down that need to be down to keep the shed open wide, throw the shuttle.  I am also carrying the threads I am not using up the sides of the selvage, so with the throwing of the shuttle, I have to remember twist the two shuttles before throwing again.  This keeps the two colours carrying up the sides neatly and without having to thread ends in all the time.

The check is working out almost two what I have imagined, I'm not sure how to get it tight enough to keep the pattern.  I might try some things at the end, once I get enough for a shirt woven.  I have some ideas, and if it was this time last month, like I'd planned, I might play a bit more, but right now I have a deadline.

But I'm weaving!

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