Monday, 26 August 2013

it's been a while...

I have been a weaving fiend!  And quite honestly, so exausted at the end of the day that I haven't thought to post anything here.  I have been weaving...and knitting while I wait for starch to dry.

There was 5m of warp in that batch and I managed to get 4.5m woven before the shed wouldn't open any more.  If I cut it well, I should have no problem getting a shirt made and maybe an apron.  My back is knackered though, and have I mentioned that I am tired?

Here's some pics that Pierre too last week...!/photo.php?fbid=10151843927804669&set=pcb.10151843928109669&type=1&theater

Next photos will be of a shirt!

My opening will be at the Mary Black Gallery on September 5th at 6pm.  If I have made you an historic costume, I'd love for you to wear it.

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