Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Missing my Belle-girl

Well, for a woman who spent a lot of the morning thinking about all the times she screwed up over her career, and deeply missing her Belle-puppie, the day turned itself around really well!

This weekend, Garth and Pierre helped me get the last of the warp on the back beam...kermit flail!  Yesterday I started threading heddles, a job I truly love.  I should be weaving by the end of the week.  This morning we had mid summer crits, which went really well.  I am inspired by the other residents!  Holy Bovine!  You guys have to come out for our show, there are some impressive artists working with me.  This afternoon, I continued threading heddles, I am now at the half way point...!/photo.php?v=10151806608784669&set=vb.606679668&type=2&theater

a little film, by Pierre, of me threading.  Yes, they will be that tightly packed when I weave, the thread is that fine.  Tomorrow I will continue to thread.

Tomorrow I also meet with Dr Randi, getting started on the thesis, or at least back on track with it.  My brain has been wandering, so I need to get focused again before I lose momentum and wander off completely and do something else.  Though the work of one of the jewellery residents had me thinking Punk jewellery this morning, safety pins and such...

I got home about 330 to a phone call from Gary at NSCAD.  He was now allowed to call and offer me the job teaching Fashion Construction this Fall.  So exciting!  I need to be in that studio this winter, getting inspired and working on all the fashion ideas that I am going to have whilst studying Punk.  I already have ideas...a new collection of clothes in in the air, I can feel it!  I wonder if I can do that as part of the thesis paper???

So I am not a hack.  I have what it takes to get a job in my field, a good job!  Whoot!!!

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