Saturday, 3 August 2013

one foot in front of the other...

Laundry continues, but then doesn't it for everyone?  Our laundry room looks like a linen bomb went off in it, with shifts and shirts and such hanging on the lines insie because it threatened rain all day yesterday.  Today I will put the feather bedding out on the outside line to air out...and finish the laundry.  Yeah!

I didn't get the technician's job at NSCAD.  Gary called last night to let me know.  Adam got it, which is a much better choice for all concerned.  He gets more hours, the department gets a bit on continuity and I get time to work on my thesis.  I did apply for a teaching job there though, Fashion Construction.  That would work better for me both in short term and long term.  One class I can handle and still write.

The next event we are looking forward to is the Citadel on Labour day.  Just two events this summer, but with Pierre being under the weather and not knowing when his surgery date was, we couldn't comit to any more.  One foot in front of the other though, two is better than none!

The shirt warp continues to be starched and wrangled.  Got another 5m on the back beam this week, and may be able to get the last 5m on this weekend.  We'll see.  I'd really like to start weaving it this week!

anyway, just a quick update, back to laundry!

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