Monday, 1 July 2013

July 1st, Happy Canada Day!

So we ended up just going for Saturday of the event.  We being Pierre, me, and six other members of our group.  We set up an awning and got fire made, food and tea and coffee and fed around 20 people from the rest of the encampment throughout the day.  It was damp, but not raining like it had through the night friday, so we were comfortable, but all glad that we didn't camp overnight.
Saturday it rained again all night, and yesterday for most of the day.  Glad I am not drying canvas this week.

Today I went in to the studio with Pierre tagging along.  For 5 solid hours of work I am 1/3 of the way of winding my 15metre warp for shirts and aprons and I need to order more thread.
Yes, that is 5 hours of just winding the warp, we figure about 15 hours to wind, another three to get it on the loom, and then I can begin weaving.

Pierre filmed a bit of me winding!/photo.php?v=10151728034619669&set=vb.606679668&type=2&theater

I didn't realize he was filming, so you get me concentrating on my warp.

If I go in tomorrow (Pierre has the day off, so I may or may not), I will wind the warp for one of my other projects and maybe get that on a loom.  Then it will be one more warp to wind and get on the loom and all three of my projects will be on looms for me to weave.  I have pretty much the whole studio to myself, with many looms, so I might just get all the tedious work done up at the beginning.  The only other fibre artist in the studio is doing needle felting, so she is using just the work table.

Tired Kelly is tired now though, and I need to do some housework and supper before calling it quits for the night.  More pics will follow as I start to weave.

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