Saturday, 13 July 2013

little steps, and it's all about the outcome!

Garth and Laura came over to the studio yesterday and we started putting the shirt warp on the loom.  Started.  I got about 1.5m in and broke the second thread by about 330...starting at around 11am.  Beer time!

Master Ken told me a trick about soaking the warp in starch first before putting it on the's too late to soak the whole warp, but this weekend I will be making up starch in a spray bottle and spraying down the warp before we try again.  This warp is seriously starting to stress me out.  So much money, so many threads, so long...I will be so happy to actually weave it.  I usually enjoy the set up process, the winding, the threading and stuff.  Not so much this go around.

I will do it again though, when I have my own studio and no deadlines to meet.  Right now, I just want it done so that I can start sewing the fabric!

So at almost 4pm, we trucked across the street to Garrison Brewery and had a few beer with Pierre and Rave and two tourists from the Carnival ship that was in town.  Karen and Brian from Connecticut, teachers, great fun!  We talked their ear off!

Looks like we will be bringing the nut brown ale and the hopyard pale to Louisbourg with us.  They were the most enjoyed by all of us.  Pierre is talking about making a wood oven on site wednesday evening when we get there...four days in the 18thC, can you tell we're a little excited!

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