Monday, 8 July 2013

Monday, monday...

I was at the studio bright and early this morning, 730.  I got the dish linen tied to the front beam of the loom and started weaving waffles.  I have now gotten four dish cloths woven and am thinking that I might make another two before I swtich to tea towels which is just a different tie up of the harnesses to the peddles, so no rethreading.  We can use the waffle woven cloths as pot holders as well as dish cloths.

Pierre arrived just at noon, so I asked if he didn't mind counting off some warp threads for me.  The shirt check is a lot of brain, so it helps having a second person there to help.  We got another 8 inches of warp wound before calling it a day.  I am now at the half way point of winding that warp.

Here is a vid Pierre shot of me weaving the waffles!/photo.php?v=10151743369439669&set=vb.606679668&type=2&theater

Back at it tomorrow

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