Monday, 29 July 2013

into many events, a little rain must fall

We packed up and hit the road under grey skies and spitting rain.  But this is Louisbourg, an event that only happens every five years, and so we would go, rain or shine.

Well, let's just say it rained.  A. Lot.

Got to the site at 530pm and registered and went to the town itself to start unloading the truck.  We can only go on site with vehicles after closing, so there's a window of opportunity to get there and get set up.  On nice days this can take 2 hours at most.  But it was raining....

I was camp co-ordinator, so it was my job to get everyone's camp set where they needed to be, so that everyone had room for tents.  We had a few late comers who neglected to send me tent sizes and arrived with some big ones, so the Parks staff in charge of the event and I had some figuring to do.  Did I mention that it was raining?

Meanwhile I am also trying to help set up my own camp, which is shrinking by the minute due to being squeezed out from both directions.  Thank goodness that some of our gang were also registered with our neighbours from the Maritime Museum, who also didn't have enough space, because that meant we could maneuver some tents around to get the best use of space and leave nobody in a pothole or mud puddle.

I mentioned it was raining right...pouring actually.

By 9pm our camp was nowhere set up and I was well into some serious shivering.  Then Pierre started to shiver, which spooked me.  By 10pm I had called it and 6 of us went off in search of a hotel room for the night.
We managed to get warm and sleep a good enough sleep to be fit for active service again the next morning.  Arrived back on site at about 730 and hit the ground running again.

In the rain.

I wore my new riding habit, without stays, without shoes, since it was easier to keep my feet clean in my canvas tennies and I didn't want to completely ruin my new leather 18thC shoes before the weekend even started.  Thursday it rained on and off again, we got fire made and hot food and such and managed to stay in the tents the rest of the weekend...somewhat dry.

It rained again off and on Friday, where I wore my riding habit again, with stays.  I am told there were 1500 tickets through the gate that date, despite the rain.

It rained off and on Saturday, when I wore my new gown, with stays and shoes even.

Sunday dawned clear and breezy.
I set up my shop, sold some hats and pins, looked pretty and girlie, chatted with the tourists and had fun.
At five we started tear down.  Two hours later we are all in our vehicles and start off....

in the rain.

Louisbourg is thinking of running this as a yearly event now.  Yeah!!!!  I cannot stress to you all how important this site is for 18thC reenactors.  It is an 18thC town, right down to the gravel roads, and after dark, even with the rain, it was completely the 18thCentury.  If you have half a mind to, start working on some civilian kit and come play with us next year, even if the unit you play with is strictly military.  We all had so much fun, despite the rain, and left with bigger grins on our faces than when we arrived.

Today I have gotten about half the truck cleaned out, in the rain.  I have reached the spot of heavy stuff, not to be lifted by oneself at the best of it will have to wait, under the tarp until I get some help.
back to looking like a refugee camp.


  1. Wow, what a cool site! I'd love to see it if it wasn't so far away. Maybe when the girl gets bigger we could time a vacation with the event.

  2. It takes a full day to drive from the border in Houlton Maine to Louisbourg, just to give you an idea of distance.

    We'd love to see you...Louisbourg in other years have seen people come from as far away as Indiana!