Tuesday, 23 July 2013

it's been a while

We leave for Louisbourg tomorrow, Pierre is running down to Bridgewater to pick up my brother's truck right now, and then we can start packing it.  My house looks like an 18thC refugee camp!

We've been busy getting things ready, and none of us have finished everything we'd first set out to have made by this time, but we made substantial progress on the kit.  Garth and Laura now have their own clothes, which is a major step.  Fully outfitted in clothing proper to their station.  Mum now has two outfits, I now have two as well...real clothes for me.  Not just the dregs after everyone else is dressed, but pretty clothes made for me and which are mine alone.  It's been a while...most of the kit I have lent out over the years never came home, so I've been squeaking by on a jacket I made from scraps from a suit I made for the museum, and a mis-mash of petticoats from the 17thC.

I even got a new suit for Pierre almost finished...save for four buttonholes, which I will do at camp.

The weaving progresses, I got one warp off the loom last week, and the second warp almost off, another metre to go on that one.  The next big push will be to get the shirt warp fully on the loom and start weaving that.  Starch seems to be the trick, but I need a lot of it, so starch, dry, fluff and wind will be my work week next week.

My dog Belle passed away on Saturday night, which completly destroyed me.  She was my girl and I will miss her for a very long time.  If you see me at camp this weekend, please don't offer condolences, just act normal.  Otherwise I will lose my shit and will not be a happy camper.

Tomorrow we are off, see you on the flip side!

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  1. I am envious. :-) Have an awesome time.