Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I ordered the last of my linen threads for weaving this summer.  Now I have thread in 2/12 for a tablecloth in white, 2/12 in natural for kitchen linens and on order what I think will be close to a 2/16 for a shirt for Pierre and an apron for me.  I couldn't get coloured linen so ordered a cotton in 2/16 in pale blue for the cross striping.  I am using natural linen for the kitchen linens because they will be hard working and I don't want them to be too precious.

Once I have my paper written for Religion and Pop Culture, I need to focus on research of linen textiles from the 18thC so I know what I am weaving!  I am excited to get started on this...too excited.  I need to buckle down now and get some religion written!


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