Thursday, 20 June 2013

Not a great week

Sunday I thought I'd use up the last of the box of mushrooms and start a small pot of mushroom ketchup for reenacting this season.  Got the mushrooms chopped up and salted and let them sit.

Had a great day on sunday, very relaxing, went to the kids for supper and father's day.

Sunday morning at 3am Belle had a grand mal seizure.  Then again at 415am, then again at 630am.  Vet at 9 where she spent the day and had yet another seizure at around noon.  We brought her hom at 7pm with a diagnose of epilepsy.  She had three more that evening.
She's been on phenobarb since monday night, completely spaced out from the cluster of seizures and is only today, thursday coming around.

I have an exam this afternoon I am ill prepared for, but what can I do...

The ketchup I had been stirring religiously all week turned rancid yesterday, so got turfed.  Might have had something to do with the change in tempreture this week, or the humidity...I don't know.  I might try it again putting it in the fridge this go around.

Tomorrow I will get up and make 3dozen tarts for a friends wedding tomorrow evening.  Saturday I am working the Military Family days barbeque as a fundraiser for our historical group.  Sunday I have been invited on a date with Dr Randi to a trunk sale of vintage fabrics...

Monday I might just sew something new for me to wear and chill out.

Well, I should go review for my exam.

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  1. I'm so glad Belle is turning around. My dog, Teddy, died a few years ago after hours of seizure - it's terrifying.