Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Shoe revamp

On Monday afternoon I revamped the shoes I picked up at the Sally Ann for a song.  Literally re-vamp.  As in I added D rings to the lower heel so that there was another place to lace the ties.  They are an espadrille style shoe and just had ties to wrap around your ankles.  This made the shoes very floppy to wear.  By adding the D rings lower down on the heel strap, I am able to tie them lower around my ankle, more around my actual foot.  This works to provide more stability to the shoe.

Pierre said that I had done such a great job revamping the shoes, that it looked like it was part of the original design.
Yeah me!

We had dinner with friends last night.  Wanda is plugging away on her Brunswick gown, has it almost finished.  I was sad to say that I hadn't made much progress on Mum's sacque, started the same day.  As with the end of every term, I am busy writing, and procrastinating about writing.  I still have that other sleeve to pop into Pierre's full bottomed frock coat, hemming and buttonholes.  I also have to get cracking on my stays, though it's not looking good that they will be finished for this summer...good thing I still have a perfectly good, servicable set of stays.  They just aren't pretty ones.  I have also started a new shirt for Pierre.

Mum has started new shifts for herself.  I got two cut for her on friday.

That week that I have off between the end of term and the beginning of my residency will be busy!  I hope to get a lot of sewing done!  Both 18thC and modern stuff.  I still have a sizable stash to work through, even though one bin is now completely empty.
My plan is to have my stash all made up before we have to move again.

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