Friday, 7 June 2013

fibre goodies

Stopped at the fabric store last night and picked up some new sewing needles and a couple of things I needed to revamp a pair of shoes, D rings and twill tape.  I also bought 3m of black cotton voile with big red poppies printed along one edge that will become a new skirt.  It's in the wash now.

My linen threads arrived, Pierre's picking them up today on his way home from work.  A book I ordered on early weaving arrived yesterday just as I was heading out to class.  I tossed it in my bag without looking and opened it once I got to school.  It's a reprint of a book first printed in 1817!  I was so excited!  It even has a draft for "apron check".  This along with my other books on weaving will help me create period textiles this summer that we can use at encampments.  My project is shaping up quite nicely.

I am figuring that I will go into the studio Monday to Thursdays, keeping fridays as my sewing day at home.  This way the ladies can keep sewing with me and I have a morning that I can keep as quiet time for me, not being downtown.  The city's farmer's market is next door to my studio space, and so is the cruise ship terminal, so it can get busy down there in the summer months.  Fridays are also the day when we pack and head out to events, so if I am home that day, the transition is easier.

Well, off to do some writing before the ladies get here this afternoon!  Make it a good one!

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