Thursday, 6 June 2013

I need a nap...

Seriously.  I am brain tired with school and now it's doing stupid things.  My brain that is.
The last couple of days my brain has been saying "hey girl, you know that thing you want to do this summer?  That weaving thing...yeah.  I'm not sure you can do it.  I think you've forgotten everything you ever learned about weaving.  You are screwed!"

Yup, need a nap.

I have a couple of new books on order, and I will be fighting brain.  When school is finished for the term, I am going to start reading my weaving books.  I will figure it out again.  I will conquer this nay-saying brain.  I will weave this summer!

Yesterday my mum had to drop off some pieces of jewellery to be juried at the Designer Craft's Council, which is across the street from my studio space for the summer.  So we took the opportunity to check out the new digs.  There are only 10 residents this summer, so there might be one other weaver in the studio.  It's a large room with all the things one would need for weaving.  No windows though, as it backs onto one of the museum galleries for Pier 21.  It is next to a general purpose studio with work tables and sinks too.  That'll be helpful.  The people there were excited to meet me and were really very nice.  It should be a fun summer.

For now though, three more reading responses, a paper to organize and an exam to write.  I am in the home stretch of this class.  Two more weeks!

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