Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday's are sewing days

Well, I've had my two cups of coffee and read the internets, so I should go get my chores done so I can sit and sew for the afternoon.  Maybe I'll stick a cake in the oven, I'm not sure.

My friend Laura reminded me this morning how little time we have left before the reenacting season really gets underway! Two fridays from now, we will be heading out to our first overnight event and I am getting excited.  She and Garth and Rave have been plowing through getting new clothes made for themselves.  Laura will be over in the morning for a draping over her stays so that she can start her jacket.  Rave has finished the main construction of his sleeved waistcoat and now should be ready for buttons and buttonholes.  Garth too has been fastly whipping up clothing, even making covered buttons for his breeches, which I have learned is the more appropriate button style for breeches.  If I have time, I'll change out the odd metal buttons on Pierre's black breeches for cloth covered ones.

Today I am going to pop that other sleeve in Pierre's frock coat and start on the hem.  I also have a shirt I am working on for him, but that's lower priority as he's already got a couple.  And it's a good project to have as an on the go's also chilly here today, so wrestling sheep (the wool coat) is a good idea.

Ok, Nitro is getting into mischeif, so I should get off this computer!

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