Sunday, 5 May 2013

fittings, wins and losses

Broke down and had a fitting with my riding habit yesterday.  I had originally made it before Christmas and wore it on New Years day, let's just say I was not happy with the fit.
So friday I took it apart as much as I could and yesterday after my shower, got dressed in my 18thC underwear.  Pierre remarked the waistline for both the waistcoat and jacket.  I will need to add a piece to the side back of the jacket, it's about 8" too small in the waist to button up fully with such a low centrefront point.  The waistcoat will be an easy fix, it just needs a waist seam and the skirts reshaped along the top edge.

While I was in my underwear, I tried on my new sacque.  Oh, My, God!  It fits like a dream, beautiful!  This was made after christmas, after a draping workshop that I ran back in January.  I talked the ladies through draping bodices on themselves, then they draped me.  What a fantastic job they did.  No alterations needed on that gown at all!  I am so happy.

We are all down with the dreaded 'man-cold', thanks to my brother bringing it home to us from Nigeria.  I don't fear weapons of mass distruction, what I fear most is the 'man-cold'.  UGH!  I need to plow through though.  I only have today and tomorrow before I start back to school for May and June and my paper writing workload rises.  I'd like to get the habit finished before I start back.  Then I can focus on getting Mum's last gown made for this summer, and a new suit for Pierre for Louisbourg.

Still no word back from the summer residency, I hope to hear soon.  I have also applied to the Dartmouth Heritage Museum for the summer.

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