Monday, 13 May 2013

a week has gone by, honestly I have been doing things

Yesterday I got all the renovations finished on the riding habit, I've been working on them all week.  It didn't seem so long at the time, but looking at the date of my last post this morning made me realize how busy I was.
I've also started back to school for the first summer session, and so spent tuesday, wednesday and thursday reading, writing response papers and going to class.  And that is what I will be up to today too.

Tonight I will get back to Pierre's frock coat construction.

Speaking of Pierre, we made the quip the other night while watching Wartime Farm on the BBC, that I'd love to give all Pierre's period clothes to these guys to wear for a year, especially Peter...he is hard on his duds!  So then yesterday, Pierre put his breeches on.  Figuring he'd just start wearing his clothes.  He wore them all day long, with his T shirt and running shoes, since that is all I have finished of that outfit.  When Garth came for supper, at first he though it funny that Pierre was wearing shorts, as he never does.  Then Garth thought "what an odd thing, on shorts to have a diaper butt".  It took him a good hour to realize what was going on, and we all had a good laugh.

I need to shorten the legs on those breeches about an inch.

Well, should go do some school work...

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