Sunday, 26 May 2013

another workshop

All winter we've been having workshops as part of the activities of the Atlantic Living Heritage Association.  Yesterday was the last one for the winter season, sacque backed gowns.
Each workshop was meant to be a kickstarter for the month's project.  Breeches, frock coats, stays, bodice draping.  We would get a chunk of work done on a saturday and then off we'd go to finish the project on our own, sometimes bringing it back the next month for a final fitting.

They were great incentive for me too, getting things started, finished up before the next month so that I could then get started on the next project for the next workshop I was facilitating.

So yesterday I got the start on Mum's new sacque.  It is in blue linen and will be a good servicable dress.  Joy started on her caraco jacket in embroidered silk to go with the silk quilted petticoat she has been working on all spring.  Wanda worked on the jacket for her brunswick gown, toffee coloured wool suiting with teal silk reveres, ruchings and hood lining.  They are both going to be stunning.  We got as far as having the backs completed, the toughest part, if you ask me.  Elizabeth, Joan and Maria also showed up for some company, the first two ladies working on stays, Maria working on embroidery.  Pierre made tea and kept lunch offerings on the go.

This sounds like an entry in the 'What's Happening about Town' section of the newspaper.  "Pierre poured".  Hee, hee.

So now we are off for the summer re-enacting season.  Just too much happening now until the end of August, though I might try to book the return of the workshops in August, if we have a free weekend.  The next one will be accessories though, pockets, stomachers, mitts, caps.

I am still waiting on word about the summer residency...and school work.  Four more weeks of school, then summer!  Can't wait for the heat!

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