Wednesday, 17 April 2013

well, that didn't happen...

sewing yesterday, that is.  I was down with cruddy feelings of hatefulness.  Took the rest of the day off and played bejewelled on facebook all afternoon.  Then I begged out of dinner with friends, went and bought the interlinings I need for today's project, 400$ worth of groceries and came home, ate french fries and gravy for supper, watched an episode of This Old House and went to bed.

I woke up mid way through the night with a migraine...ahhh, that's why I was feeling so cruddy.

Today the sun is up, and as soon as Mum is awake and can keep an eye on the puppie, I am going downsairs to start sewing.  Today's project is to get a frock coat cut and steps sewn so that I can demo construction techniques this saturday at a workshop I am running.  I have factory cotton, hymocanvas and cotton wadding to make the canvas' out of, the fashion fabric is a lovely grey wool, brushed twill.  The lining will be one of the large chunks of drab coloured linen I bought last year.  I am getting low on lining materials though, been doing a lot of cutting and sewing of late!

Sunday afternoon, I cut sleeved waistcoats for Garth and Rave.  Rave's is going to be well pieced.  I tried to cut it from the off cuts from other projects.  Then he's going to start wearing it regularly so that it develops some heritage before we open the reenacting season this year.  I hate looking so new, but what can you do!  Most of my old gear has long grown legs and gone walk-about, and everyone else is new to the hobby...and Pierre and I really just need some new clothes.

Anyway, I need more coffee, and should pull together what I need for today so I am ready when Mum wakes up.

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