Monday, 8 April 2013

little, wee clothes

I started making some little 18thC clothes this week.  It is my hope to have a small wardrobe finished up by the end of the week.  Saturday afternoon I got a little gown cut and put together, all that's left is hand finishing, hems and such.  I made it from 3/4yard of linen with a heavier yarn.  I lined the bodice in another linen to give the body a bit more support and warmth.  The hem is faed with a small scrap of twill linen, I only had enough for a strip about 2" wide!

Next up will be a couple of shifts and a small linen cap.  To round out the little wardrobe, I plan on picking up some white cotton diaper shirts.  Modern yes, but a quick, warm addition that might be needed.

Once the baby clothes are finished, I have some clothes to make for a 3 year old boy.  Another gown, some shifts, a couple of petticoats, apron, cap (possibly a pudding cap) and a little jacket.

Before the end of the month, I also have my riding habit to fix and my sacque to finish...I also have a workshop on the weekend of the 20th that I need to cut a couple of coats for and prepare to show steps of construction.

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