Tuesday, 16 April 2013

in the basket beside my chair

I put a basket beside my chair, mostly because Pierre had been complaining about how the footstool was piling up with stuff...you don't want me to get into how tiny this apartment is, and how we're all on top of each other.

The bonus to me putting that basket there, is filling it up with stuff I made.  In it yesterday, an apron for me, a fichu to match in a silk/cotton blend, mustard coloured.  Also, two caps for me, one for mum in the windowpane linen and a plain white handkerchief linen.  For baby clothes, a little jacket, a small gown, a white long gown and an apron.  Also completed yesterday but for binding off the cut edges is a wool ground blanket for Catherine to set her kids down on when we are at encampments.  I will bind it off today.

Today is baby day here, I'll have my grandson for the morning, and Catherine's daughter while everyone else is off to appointments.  This afternoon I hope to get back at it, sewing that is.  I have a lot to do this month!

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