Thursday, 11 April 2013

making something out of nothing...

or rather, making something out of cast-offs.  Yesterday, after putting the word out that I was looking for sraps of cloth not usable for other things, or that people were getting tired of, I was gifted with two wool skirts (modern) in various states of nasty, and a linen shirt (modern) in a pink, windowpane.  OOOHHHH!!!!

My friend Laura got to picking apart the wool skirts, she's going to make a wool apron out of the one that is more intact, using the other skirt to patch the bejesus out of the first.  Then, with the remaining second skirt, we are going to make a little boy a little jacket, 18thC of course.

From the linen, if I cut it well, I should be able to get three caps cut from it.

I am in cap production yesterday and today, so I may just continue on with cap making.  It is so relaxing to sit and roll hems all day.  No, really, it is!  The pink, for me, will become a pleated frilled cap.  For Laura, perhaps a jaunty little fly cap.  Not sure for mum, what we'll make.  When she's up and about, I'll ask her.

I love getting cast-offs, especially when they are so useful!  The possibilities!

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