Friday, 29 November 2013

the proposal is done and handed in...

final revisions were made this past Monday and yesterday evening I handed the last copy to the Grad co-ordinator.  Now I wait.

In craft related things, I've been making a new dress to wear to the Christmas party this Thursday.  Silk chiffon, oh. my. goodness. but it is fluffy!  Big skirt to wear over a big crinoline.  It needs the lining stitched down to the waist and a zip put in and maybe a belt of some kind.
Next up is a winter coat.  I've been making do with a very nice raincoat with a polar fleece sweater underneath, but I'm getting tired of being cold all the time, and this winter is already a cold one.  Early for here in Nova Scotia.  So this weekend I'm heading to the fabric store to get the things I need to make that happen starting this week.

We are almost done Christmas shopping, I just need to pick up some gifts for Pierre.  He needs to pick up the kids gifts and something for me.  I also have one more gift for Mum to go out and get.  Christmas will explode Sunday evening here, once we get home from our living heritage AGM.  Christmas tunes will blare and lights will go up.  I need to find some Christmas spirit, I am feeling a little overwhelmed with life right now.

I am looking forward to some serious quiet time over the holidays.  The collection work will get started then, with a mood board, design sketches, flats and a look-book.  I have two outfits already in my head wanting out, my advisor on this part of the project, Gary Markle, thinks just one more after that and I should be fine.  I need to get forms filled out this week too, to bring both Gary and my second reader Dr Jayne Wark on board officially.

Lots to do this week, but first, cleaning the house, because we have company coming for the weekend!

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