Tuesday, 3 December 2013

feeling like things are coming together.

I just printed off my paper for Dr David Howard on the philosophy of Punk.  I am feeling really good about my writing, it seems to be getting better with each kick at the can.  I think I have made a case for why Westwood was just as important to British Punk as McLaren was, maybe even more-so.

I learned this past week that there will be a new book out of her life, with some 'startling new details' now that McLaren is gone.  It will be interesting to read it.

I also feel that my personal style is following the concepts that Westwood laid the early groundwork for, I have always felt Punk, and have gone through many 'looks' of Punk and have been looking at the retro wearing grrls of today as being very much Punk.  This paper, I think, tidies that up nicely, talking about the things Westwood wore early on as being both Teddy-boy and very Punk.  My thoughts for my own fashion collection are coalescing as well.  I can't wait to get started on it!

but first, finishing up my dress for Thursday evening, and getting a winter coat made.  I bought the fabric for the latter project Sunday afternoon.  It will be red wool melton, with a kasha lining, interlined in both hair canvas and cotton flannel for warmth.  Red!  Dr Randi will be pleased ;-) she loves it when I wear colour.  I know Pierre is happy, he was as emphatic about the red wool as he was when we bought my red Fluevogs.

Right now though, don't look at me...I am looking very much like the Grad student I've become.  I really should go put some proper clothes on.
In the meantime, check out the World's End Blog by Westwood's son Ben

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