Wednesday, 25 December 2013

wow, it's been a while...

It is now Christmas day.

I got my beautiful winter coat made, it is in lightweight red melton with a red kasha lining.  I used from 1953, so lovely!  I ended up not doing the top stitching, as the melton proved to be fussy.  I also added more buttons and buttonholes because we're having a really cold winter here and it is only the beginning!  I made bound buttonholes, which normally are easy peasy for me, this time around though, because of numerous factors, each buttonhole took two or three attempts to make happen.  I was so pissed by the end of that day!

In the end, I figure it took a week to make, from start to finish.  I may also have to take the shoulders up just a bit, as my own shoulders are so narrow, the off the shoulder look is a bit too extreme.

Christmas Eve is actually where it's at for this family.  Our party is on that day, we have all of our friends and family over for a big casual afternoon.  This year's count was around 40 people.  Then once everyone went home, we had a simple supper of fried eggs on toast (I have to think ahead better next year and make a casserole I can pop in the oven or something) and gave our gifts to each other.  I can't even say we opened them, because none of us felt like wrapping them, so we each handed each other shopping bags and boxes.  I must say, it was funny, but also really relaxed because nobody felt like they didn't get enough presents for anyone.  We were all just keen on what we received.  I got a lovely merino sweater and two pashminas from Pierre, then Mum handed me the giant box of heavy and I knew it must be books!  She's been so excited for the time to arrive.  So yes, several large, heavy on the words books on Punk, written by really great authors.  She also indulged my love of colonial periods and bought me two books on early history, both in Europe and here in North America.  And!!!  A new bookbag, actually two, with the choice of which one I'd keep, and one for Pierre.  Luckily, we all agreed that the elongated messenger bag worked better for him, and I would keep the traditional style shoulder bag.  My mum, always buying gifts in the middle of the night and not remembering until they arrive what she's makes for a fun Christmas!
Pierre got a waxed watch coat for the 18thC to keep him dry.  The bag.  And the giant pile of long sleeved T shirts.  I think I got him 8 of them this year!  He's a happy guy.  Mum got the traditional nightgowns, a sweater and my brother got her an iPad.  Pierre also bought us all new leather slippers.
Our kids had a new family photo taken and framed for us, which is something that money just can't buy and is cherished.  The younger members of our 18thC family did the was a fabulous gift from both.

Today has been a whole lot of relaxing.  I cooked a turkey, we ate it, there is lots left over for my favourite part of Christmas...leftovers...tomorrow we go to my brother's for leftovers, then home for more relaxing.
This coming week I will be creating mood boards and design sketches for the collection that is accompanying my thesis.  I'll be doing a lot of pinning, so check me out on pinterest at

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