Thursday, 31 December 2015

Making some modern clothing

Before I head back to class next week, I have one more sewing project to get done.  As it requires a machine, I need to get it out of the way so that I can turn my work table back to a holder of notes and reference books.  I am also hoping, by the mere fact that I am sewing at the turn of the new year, more sewing will happen over the course of the next year.

Here are some of the projects I want to finish:

My own striped fitted, en ferreau backed 18thC dress that has been on the pile since last spring. And fix the grey petticoat that goes with it.

Find and finish mum's sacque backed 18thC gown that has been on the to-do pile for longer than I care to admit!

A quilted waistcoat for me.

A new fuller, and longer bedgown for me, and to fix my old one so that it is shorter and fuller through the hips.  I made the old one with just a bit too small piece of cloth for the length that it currently is, so a remake is in order.

I have a few other pieces of cloth for more petticoats.

We all need more stockings, and I really need to get back into the habit of knitting.  I could be doing more with my commuting time.  I might need a small yarn bag for this project.

But first, the modern sewing projects...and re-organizing my closet a bit better so that I can find things.

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