Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas holidays

And sewing....

I have dug out the studio/loom room/writing space from the term of writing.  I still have no idea where most of my studio supplies are, because I haven't really unpacked and resorted things after the move.  Having had most of it packed away for six years and then having the movers unpack everything and use my studio supplies to use as packing materials around other things means that I have no idea what I own anymore, or even where it is.

I will have to get to that over the holiday, for sure.  Not today though.  I have two projects cut out and am sewing them up first. The first on the block is a red, boiled wool jumper dress that I can wear with black tights and a turtleneck and be nice and toasty warm.  Especially good for days when I don't really want to be dressed.  The second is this lovely little number.  I will be making it from a lovely grey/brown wool suiting with a fine blue line in it.  I have one royal blue statement button for the jacket front, and it will be lined in the same blue.  I also have blue shoes to match.  I will probably wear it with brown tights and turtleneck.

As I am sewing, I am catching up on my favourite TV shows on youtube.  This week it's "Grand Designs" with Kevin McLoud.  Learning a lot about sustainable architecture and building homes that are in keeping with the landscape as well as being cool, modern things where comfortable living can occur.

Well, supper's in the fridge chilling out, waiting to be baked.  Lunch has been consumed.  I hear mum downstairs working away, and the daylight doesn't last long these days.  I should get to work.  I might have that red dress done today!

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