Monday, 24 February 2014

more on linen

This past weekend at a local living history farm museum, they ran a program called Just the Flax.  It was a one display, short program concerning the processing of flax fibres.  In just 45 minutes I learned so much!  I could not get over how quickly the flax can be processed into fibre, it was like magic.  I was able to spin a bit of it too...first time sitting at a wheel, I only have every spun from a drop spindle.  I was so easy, I cannot stress to you how easy it was!

So after some serious thinky thoughts since Saturday, I am wondering if I could have gotten a tighter weave structure on my shirt linen if I had gone with a finer weft thread.  This is something I am going to have to experiment with once I get my loom set up.

I am also left wondering why we as a province producing more flax and linen.  We have the perfect growing conditions, it really should be a crop that we produce...more thinky thoughts...

here is a link to the living history farm

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